Lot of 12 Safari 6 Panel Strapbacks

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Description: 6 Panel Strapback Cap.

 a. Front Right Panel: Leopard Flock Material
 b. Side Right Panel: Tiger Flock Material
 c. Back Right Panel: Zebra Flock Material
 d. Back Left Panel: Leopard Flock Material
 e. Side Left Panel: Tiger Flock Material
 f. Front Left Panel: Zebra Flock Material
Brim top:
 a. Python PU Leather
 b. Gator Belly PU Leather
 c. Elephant PU Leather
 Brim Bottom:
 a. Gator Belly PU Leather
Eyelets: White Threading
Top Button: Leopard Flock
Stitching thread: Black
Back Enclosure: Leopard Flock Material Strap, Golden Buckle.


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