Lot of 12 Traveller 5’s

$ 120.00

Product Description


Art & Design by David Baker | @davidbaker

  • Crown: High Quality Cotton
  • Crown side 2 Panels: Khaki, High Quality Cotton
  • Crown top 2 Panels: Navy Blue, High Quality Cotton
  • Top brim: Light Brown, High Quality PU Leather
  • Under brim: Navy Blue, High Quality Cotton
  •  Eyelet: Khaki Threading Matching Side Panel
  • Back closure: Light Brown, High Quality PU Leather Strap and Gold Buckle
  • Neck Drape: Navy Blue, High Quality Cotton. Sun Light Protection. Velcro Application


Designed for the traveller! This 5 panel features High Quality Cotton & Leather Materials. We added a neck cover for sunlight protection while riding, featuring a velcro application to easily take on and off.


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